Rhythmic Radiation

Watch Greg and Leeanna argue about clothing which leads to some unpolished magic.

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Check out the Album: Laughter, Love, Desire, & Pain. The album was recorded at Beaird Music Studios in Nashville. The studio musicians were amazing. It was a great experience.

Laughter, Love, Desire, & Pain
Rhythmic Radiation
Fingers On Fire
Right Wrong Thing
My Best Friend Pain
Blown It Anyway
What's Wrong With Love
All I Need
Break My Heart Tomorrow
Blinded By Love
Nothing is For Sure
To My Surprise

What's Wrong with Love Video

If love is causing you to have a bad day, then this is your song.

Blinded by Love Official Video

Two teens want to escape from a bad home life. When they're alone nothing else matters.  They truly are Blinded by Love.

My Best Friend Pain Video

Greg's wife plays the lead. Her love interest has done her very wrong. She struggles to get over the pain.  But in the end, she finds a way to move on. The ending is a MUST SEE!

Fingers on Fire Video

Her fingers are on fire as they walk on the wild side. Funny video about a guy trying to get home to his girl as she drinks wine and sends sexy text.

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